Depression Therapist City of Orange

Depression may seem complicated, but our goal is simple: helping anyone who is suffering with depression in city of Orange.

depression-therapistHave you ever come down a virus so bad that when someone asks about your symptoms, all you can say is, “Everything hurts”? They want to help, but you feel so bad you don’t even have the strength to know what you need. That’s  depression in a nutshell. When you don’t know where to turn, or who could possibly help, a depression therapist in city of Orange is an excellent place to start.

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Reasons why people seek a depression therapist

The Orange County Relationship Center serves individuals, couples and families in the Newport Beach area who are affected by depression for a wide number of reasons. Many clients have suffered from clinical depression at various points throughout their lives and rarely experienced life any other way. Others are experiencing “situational depression,” an onset of sadness, grief, anxiety or other symptoms specifically related to a difficult event or period in their life, such as divorce, loss of a loved one or other trauma.

What causes Depression?

There is no one singe cause of depression. There can be a biological component, a psychological component, and a social component.

The pharmaceutical companies would like you to believe that depression is primarily a biological condition. But that misses the point. While you may have a genetic predisposition to depression, by and large depression has a huge biosocial component that has been overlooked,

“The strongest predictor of major depression is still your life experience. There aren’t genes that make you depressed. There are genes that make you vulnerable to depression.” (Dr. Kendler)

This means how you think, how you cope, how you relate to others and how you solve problems can contribute strongly to your mental and emotional well-being. Even if you have had a very difficult history, you can learn to experience life differently. Working with a qualified Depression Therapist – one who understands what you are going through – can help you learn the skills and change your thinking so you can be happier, have more energy and enjoy life more.

There is growing evidence that what sensitizes you to negative experiences can also make you sensitive to positive experiences.

How to Cure Depression

Depression can lift. It can! But it is often hard to do alone. By working with a depression therapist, you can learn to:

  • Improve your coping skills
  • Relate more easily to others
  • Take things less personally
  • Make decisions and choices that support you
  • Reduce people pleasing behaviors
  • Find activities and people you enjoy

Yet we understand this feels counterintuitive – when you feel depressed. That is why we are here. As Depression Therapists, we can help you restructure your thinking so that you see more possibilities…to be happier. We help you identify and implement new coping skills and relationship skills that will make life easier and better.

Depression therapists at OC Relationship Center in Newport Beach

Even if you don’t how to say where it hurts, our therapists understand what you are going through and will put our training, experience, knowledge and caring to work in walking with you on your journey of recovery. We understand you have had difficult life experiences and we want to help. We work with women, men, and couples.

Drugs alone are not the answer. Let’s help you make your life one worth living.

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