Counseling for your Teen in Orange and Anaheim area

Are you worried for your teenager?

Tired of arguing and your teen defying you?

What happened? One day they are the sweet child holding on to your leg or running to jump into your arms. Now it seems they are never home – opting instead for friends you don’t know (or like).

And then there is school. You may be concerned about their lack of motivation. You may worry that they won’t complete the assignments or even pass this year.

Or maybe it is not a behavioral issue but an emotional one. You see signs of withdrawal, and potential depression. Or you may see signs of a high-achiever with an overdeveloped sense of perfectionism that causes your teen anxiety.

It is hard, as a parent, to understand what is normal adolescent behavior and what should be addressed.

If you and your teen are struggling, teen counseling may be for you.

As you know, adolescence is not easy. The teen years are a time where the teen’s job is to reject the family values so that they can decide which values will be theirs. In other words, they are learning who they are in the safety of their own home and with parents that love them. (Even if some days you don’t like them very much). Yet this time is often filled with power struggles, anger, conflict and misunderstandings.

counseling for teens

“Roots and wings” is often the advice for parents. But when you are in the middle of a nighttime worry session, that doesn’t seem very helpful.

Is it time for you to get an expert opinion? Is this normal teen angst? And how can you, as the parent, help your child – and the rest of the family.

Thankfully, with the help of an experienced therapist who provides teen counseling, you can learn to help your teenager.

Who comes to teen counseling?

Each situation is unique. Sometimes the teen comes alone. Sometimes the parents are involved in join sessions with the teen. At times, the therapist may work with the parent to talk about the family stressors and help the parent with skills to feel more confident in managing the teen’s behavior.

Please don’t wait one more. Talk to one of our teen counselors and get the perspective you need to help everyone be happier and healthier.