Counseling for Children in Orange and Anaheim area

Counseling for children:

We help parents and children be happier and get along better.

Struggling with your Young Child?

Sometimes parenting can be a very frustrating experience. You love your child, and yet you aren’t sure how to help them. You might wonder if something is wrong with your child. You might worry about your ability to parent effectively.

At Orange Counseling Center, what we know is that you are the expert on your child. We completely get that. And yet even with that knowledge, you may not have solutions for your struggling problems.

Child Counseling can help with:

  • Emotional problems:
  • Depression and anxiety
  • School phobia
  • Separation anxiety
  • Tantrums

Behavioral Issues:

Parent Coaching:

counseling for children
counseling for children

We want to help reduce your frustration and move toward solutions.

Our child therapists at Orange Counseling Center work with children in a few different ways. But we always start with an assessment. We interview you to get a clear understanding of the uniqueness of your situation. We listen to you. Then we observe you and your child interacting. We look to see if the problem is emotional, behavioral, or difficulty in interacting with others.

So if you have tried timeouts, reward (star) charts, and are still struggling with your child’s emotions or behavioral problems, please reach out. Let the expert child therapists at Orange Counseling Center be there for you.

We approach our child counseling with different therapy types – some include the child alone, and some are specific parent-child treatment.

For children alone, we work to improve the child’s decision-making abilities, managing emotions and helping them choose behaviors that will help them get their needs met.

For young children, ages 2 to 7, we employ a proven type of therapy called Parent-Child-Interactive-Therapy. (PCIT). Parents and children love the rapid results they usually see from this type of counseling.

PCIT includes meeting with the parent and the child together in session for “playtime.” We watch the child’s actions, and via an earbud, help the parent with effectively responding to the child. One of the great things is that part of this treatment includes this real-time ‘parent coaching.’ Many parents tell us they never had this type of support before – and after treatment, they feel so much more confident knowing when to increase praise, when/how to set boundaries and when to give timeouts.