Ramón Matos, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Meet Ramón

My motto is: “Breathe”

Hi! I am Ramón Matos. I was licensed as a bilingual (English and Spanish) licensed marriage and family therapist in 2008. I have the privilege of providing counseling in both English and Spanish.

I have always felt that it was essential to help others.  I became a therapist to help those living with HIV/AIDS.  At the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, this meant addressing grief and loss.  As the epidemic became a pandemic, my work focused on quality of life issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, and aging. 

How I work

While I understand a lot of counseling involves serious topics, I love to find humor in our experiences. I meet each client where they are and hope to provide direct and realistic help and hope.

I have worked with so many different people and concerns. Where I have been the most impactful has been with clients dealing with the impact of life’s trauma on their ability to manage the roller coaster of their emotions. I enjoy helping those looking for ways to address depression and anxiety, and to feel more connected to others.

Also, I am honored to help those struggling with the pain of loss. I resonate with the quote, “Grief is love with no place to go.” So I find an essential role of mine is to help people through their grief – whether that is the loss of a loved one, a pet, or even a job. I value being present and understanding how our feelings impact what we do next.

I also work with those clients looking to understand their gender identity and sexual orientation better. This time of exploration can be a very lonely or confusing time for many, and I want them to know they are not alone.

I am not afraid of difficult or uncomfortable conversations. I am transparent and open about what I know and don’t know, as well as welcoming feedback. With all my years of experience, I am still learning and value that aspect of myself.

More about me

When I am not doing therapy, I exercise and enjoy how physically grounding activity is for me. I love reading.

Also, a bit of fun history about me, I have a BA in theatre, and there was a time I was a dancer in NYC.

Finally, I start each session this way – and I ask you now:

Hi. I am Ramón. How can I help?

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