Joshua Espano, LCSW

Josh Espano
Josh Espano
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Meet Josh

 “It is okay to feel stressful emotions. Being sad, anxious, and fearful are as natural as being joyful, excited, and content. I wish we can give ourselves the grace to feel the distressful emotions, as much as we prefer the pleasant emotions.” 

Hello! I’m Josh, LCSW.  I hope we are going to work together. I love helping people who feel anxious and depressed move into excitement about what is to come in their lives. 

When I was 17 years old, my father died due to unexpected circumstances. I overcame my life-long challenge with social anxiety after realizing that there are worse things in life than possibly being judged by others or being awkward when talking to people. I was able to grow out of my shell with the help of my father, who, even after he was gone from this earth, was still teaching me things just like how he would teach me calculus. I succeeded in college, then in my master’s program by being true to who I was and acknowledging how I was not alone and depending on my loved ones for support. Now I am ready to help others learn this lesson and move from pain into hopeful possibilities!

How I work

I love helping people who are unhappy, in pain, or confused about their lives. As I hear their story and put myself in their shoes, I am keenly aware of (and touched by) the strengths some people do not even know they have. I think we are often so hard on ourselves, and we try and get those in our lives to make us feel better. If those people don’t do that, we can feel so much distress. I see myself and a mirror reflecting those strengths to my clients – and helping them with practical solutions to help them out of the confusion and towards more self-love. 

Clients have mentioned that I’m easy-going, practical, hopeful, and patient. When we are done with our work together, I want people to feel content and believe there is much more life yet to be lived. I want them to feel like my 17-year-old self who lost his father but realized he gained much more.

More about me

When I am not working, I love doing absolutely nothing. In addition to nothing, I also love playing video games, working out, cooking, and watching tv shows and movies. 

And truth be told, I am always up for a bit of Karaoke!

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